CAS accreditation regional tips

As a leader of institutional effectiveness in your institution, what do you consider your overarching mission? 

Your top goal should be a determination to create a culture of assessment. This is not one ignited only by an upcoming accreditation, 而是一个贯穿于每一项服务和项目的衡量标准和指导方针的持续体系. 

高等教育标准促进委员会(CAS)一直在推动学生事务的标准, student services, and student development programs for over 20 years.

CAS for Regional AccreditationIts framework ensures ongoing strategic planning, 项目评审和批判性的自我反思不仅仅是在bwin时时彩平台的时候, but year-round.

CAS帮助您创建一种评估文化,同时为您准备区域bwin时时彩平台. Your institution can leverage CAS to ensure an excellent review by using its program to focus on mission fulfillment, collect constructive data, and enact quality action plans for improvement.

中科院为非学术单位的自我评估提供了许多工具,包括功能区域标准, cross-functional frameworks, and a guided self-study process. While many offices use the CAS materials for internal program review, 很少有人考虑如何利用CAS来支持区域bwin时时彩平台工作.


What You Can Expect From the Accreditation Process

Accreditors have high expectations. Their review seeks out evidence of measurable outcomes, 对成果进行持续评估,并利用成果确保项目和服务的质量. 

CAS的主要重点是让一个机构了解并保持其可接受的标准和改进指南. 这不能与最佳实践相混淆,因为CAS资源是为任何规模的机构服务的, quality or location. Many institutions work to simply meet the standards, while others, after achieving the standards, focus their efforts on the specific guidelines. CAS的核心是将该机构的注意力集中在履行其使命上. Regardless of department, field, curricular or co-curricular programs and services, 学生服务处坚持专业水准,并在学生服务和事务领域寻求一个有凝聚力的体系. 

By following standards and guidelines, your data will supply evidence of effort, 在你的机构内完成你的使命的意图和成功——以及需要纠正行动的领域.


Focus, Collect and Produce Quality Data for Accreditation

CAS’s vertical and horizontal alignment grid from Keeling, Underhile, & Wall(2007)提供了一种实用的方法来审视一个机构,看看机构的努力如何协调,而不考虑部门. 纵向反映机构的部门,横向反映学生事务.


Keeling, Underhile, & Wall (2007)


“通过展示我们的水平结构,我们为我们的组织和机构的bwin时时彩平台机构描绘了一幅画面,不仅可以跨越学院部门和部门边界, 但在这里,专业人士使用一种共同的语言,以实现学生学习和成功的更广泛的共同目标.”


Tips To Leverage CAS for Regional Accreditation

  • Gather evidence. By implementing the CAS standards and guidelines, 你们的部门将开始收集支持系统和程序质量的重要数据.
  • Review cycle systematically and often. The step-by-step self-study process should be an ongoing review. 您这样做的能力将创建针对您的机构及其目标的特定领域的最新数据. 
  • Create a culture of assessment. CAS自评估指南和模板bwin国际彩票平台了整个机构的流程. Whether departments work together or independently, the CAS resources unify the efforts of every team, creating a culture of assessment where everyone benefits. 

By implementing an ongoing process of data collection, 审查和行动计划,您的机构的战略定位是成功的评审,在任何时候.



For more detailed information on this topic, watch the Leveraging CAS as an Opportunity for Regional Accreditation webinar recording.

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Gavin Henning, Ph.D.
Dr. 加文·亨宁(Gavin Henning)是新罕布什尔州新英格兰学院的高等教育教授,他在那里指导高等教育管理理学硕士和教育博士课程. 加文是高等教育标准促进委员会(CAS)的前任主席,也是国际大学生教育者协会(ACPA)的前任主席. He has published articles and books on assessment including Student Affairs Assessment: Theory and Practice 与达比罗伯茨,作为评估课程的基础文本,在许多高等教育研究生项目. Gavin earned his Ph.D. in Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of New Hampshire.

Matthew Pistilli, Ph.D.
Dr. Matthew Pistilli是爱荷华州立大学学生事务部学生事务评估和研究主任. For over 20 years, 马特专注于创造和评估对大学生成功有积极影响的条件和环境. His current and previous roles have also focused on creating, revising, and assessing divisional- and university-wide strategic plans. He facilitates trainings on learning analytics, assessment and evaluation, mission and vision building, and strategic planning. 他在学习分析和学生成功努力方面发表了大量文章, 并曾在《bwin时时彩平台》和《bwin时时彩平台》的编辑团队工作.

Vicki L. Wise, Ph.D.
公共卫生和人文科学学院评估和鉴定主任, Oregon State University
Dr. Vicki L. Wise是俄勒冈州立大学公共卫生和人文科学学院评估和bwin时时彩平台主任. In her previous role as Associate Director for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, 她帮助波特兰州立大学(PSU)通过整合从课程到项目到机构的各个层次的评估过程,进入了质量评估实践和问责制的新时代.

Previously, at PSU, she served as Director of Student Affairs Assessment & Research. Prior to PSU, 她曾任教育学院评估与评价主任, Assistant Director for Institutional Research, 评估与研究中心助理教授/研究主管, all at James Madison University. She earned her Ph.D. and M.A. 内布拉斯加大学心理学和文化研究以及教育心理学的学位, respectively. Her research interests, publications, 课程介绍在高等教育中的应用评估实践领域. She was the editor on her most recent publication: Wise, V.L., & Davenport, Z. & (2019). Student affairs assessment, evaluation, and research: A guidebook for graduate students and new professionals. Springfield, IL: Charles Thomas Publisher.





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